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Change Is Coming

from Novembeat 2020 by Sockpuppet



Cover of Jerkatorium's Song Fight! song, recorded on November 10, 2020

See the official music video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=OavIAgVHi-A


You don’t go places that you used to
You don’t enjoy the stories that you’re used to
You can’t stand anyone you’re introduced to
Sitting home alone is what you’ve been reduced to

Something happened long ago inside you
Now it’s back, your life won’t be the same
All of the signposts that used to guide you
Got pulled up by something, don’t know when it came

But change is coming
It's funny and it's faint
Yes change is coming
With noses thumbing
Oh, change it is coming
The running refrain
So humming and strange
Our upcoming change

Your friends they act like they don't recognize you
And all these parts they say now that comprise you
They preferred the skin that once disguised you
So hard to shake the thought, that they all now despise you

But change is coming
It's funny and it's faint, yes
Change is coming
With noses thumbing, oh
Change it is coming
The running refrain
So humming and strange
Our upcoming change

The you that you are now’s the only you you are
You can't go back to who you once were before
Got no choice, ya gotta be true to who you are
Genie won’t go back inside that bottle any more

Yes change is coming
It's funny and still faint
More change is coming
So I’m succumbing to
What you’re becoming like an
Oncoming train
It's humming and strange
This upcoming change


from Novembeat 2020, released December 4, 2020
Original song by Jerkatorium with lyrics by Brian Raiter. Used with permission.




Sockpuppet Seattle, Washington

There are so many people in this band! You wouldn't believe how many if we told you. That's why we always have so many different styles and genres of music.

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