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Wiener Dog on a Motorcycle

by Sockpuppet



A children's song for my friends JB and Dorie and their little pal Hugo


There’s a wiener dog on a motorcycle
Riding ‘round the countryside
It waves its paw at all the people
Sure seems strange to me

Wiener dog on a motorcycle
Counts nine cows and just one hen
One two three four five six seven
Eight nine hen

Stops to smell the flowers
Because they are so pretty
Then the dog decides to ride
Into the big city

And the wiener dog on the motorcycle
Came up to a dinosaur
The dog asked Dino how it’s doing
Dino let out a roar

What is wrong asked the wiener dog
Is there a reason that you roar
The Dino said my name is Dino
And I’m sore

The wiener dog said that’s too bad
Can I help you somehow
The dinosaur said I am glad
That you are here right now

The wiener dog with the motorcycle
Made friends with the dinosaur
And now they live out in the country
Sure seems strange to me

Now they have a farm together
With nine cows and just one hen
One two three four five six seven
Eight nine ten


released August 16, 2019




Sockpuppet Seattle, Washington

There are so many people in this band! You wouldn't believe how many if we told you. That's why we always have so many different styles and genres of music.

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